Monday, March 27, 2017

What is a Métis sash? Can I use one to teach in my class?

Bringing Métis culture into your classroom.

I've been asked about the appropriateness of using a Métis sash in the classroom, especially if the teacher is not sure about the provenance. My response is that any finger woven ceinture fléchée can be used to explain what the sash looks like. If you purchased it from a recognized Métis organization, then it is authentic, otherwise it can still help students understand what you are talking about.  (You can read my more complete take on the issue here).


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March is Aboriginal Reads Month at Fraser Heights

​ aboriginal literature in school​.​

​Read the complete blogpost on "fhlearn" to ​find out more: (with links to handouts and materials.)

Fraser Heights applied and received an Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network (AESN) Spiral of Inquiry grant to promote aboriginal literature in our school. The aboriginal support teacher Brenda Sampson and I chose to do this partly by way of a reading contest. For the past 3 years, we have run a contest called "Aboriginal Reads Month at Fraser Heights". 

During this month all of our aboriginal resources are on display everywhere for quick easy access. We include everything from novels, picture books and graphic novels to non-fiction books about First Nations art, traditions, experiences and  issues. We also create posters and bookmarks promoting our aboriginal collection.


My Seasonal Round - Unit of study

Integrating​ Social Studies and Science

Integrating ​
Studies and Science​,​ ​this resource ​looks at
​ ​
seasonal rounds in the four geographic regions of BC, through the perspective of Aboriginal groups​ ​(past and present) who live in these regions. 
(Includes ​blackline masters, tools, rubrics and this website which​ ​both teachers and students can use.​)

Downloadable PDF: 


Monday, March 6, 2017

Story Telling Project with Elders in Surrey

​Cedar box dioramas ​that tell ​the stories.

Elders were interviewed by Grade 9 students​ at ​Guildford Park​ Secondary.  The students then made cedar box dioramas to represent each elder's story.​ Watch the​ video slide show​ to see their work.