Monday, July 18, 2016

CMEC Aboriginal Education Symposium (June 2015)

Discussing relevant issues and sharing information on successful practices

    "The CMEC Aboriginal Education Symposium brought together new and experienced educators and Elders of Aboriginal ancestry from across Canada to discuss:
  •         how best to attract more people to teaching careers;
  •         how to encourage existing educators to remain in the profession;
  •         how to support students entering the field of education; and
  •         how to support all educators in their training and career development.

    For two full days, participants discussed their challenges and successes in relation to education, teacher training, and professional development. They also provided innovative advice on how to support Aboriginal post secondary students entering the field of education and ongoing support for experienced Aboriginal educators.

    Each province and territory was invited to send a delegation of six new or experienced educators of Aboriginal descent, as well as one Elder, to discuss relevant issues and share information on successful practices. On the final day, delegates met with education ministers and CMEC officials to participate in culminating activities, share innovative ideas, and listen to final thoughts.