Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Haida and Coast Salish Art - side-by-side

Haida Art

“Haida art is recognized around the world for its monumental totem poles and sculptures; fine carving in wood, metal and slate; and weaving. Through countless generations, Haida artists have developed a system of design, which they apply to both sculptural forms and two-dimensional art. It is this system, including the treatment of line and the use of recurring design elements that distinguishes Haida art.” VirtualMuseum.ca

Haida style: formline:

Coast Salish Art

The Coast Salish style present at this time is characterized by the use of concentric circles and ovals, negative crescents (shaped like parentheses) and negative trigons (three-pointed convex triangles).

A video project that covers a basic overview of Coast Salish art styles.